To-Do 2017

Below is my proposed ‘to-do’ list for 2017. Away we go…!


* Write Series Three, Novel One
* Write Series Four, Novel One
* Write Series Five, Novel One
* Write this year’s live-blogged Halloween novel in October (separate from the five series novels)

* Finish Series One, Novel One, AKA Fantasy Novel One
* Finish Face After Face

* Rewrite Series Two, Novel One, AKA Crawlspace
* Rewrite Voidville
* Rewrite Lanterns

* Updates to MM website and blog
* Updates to sites selling MM ebooks
* Put out paperback of Tired of Monsters
* Put out paperback of The Festival of Borametz
* Put out audiobook of Tired of Monsters
* Put out audiobook of The Festival of Borametz

* Updates to personal website


The list will be amended with strikethroughs if/when any items are finished, and updated with new items accordingly (i.e. a finished project from “NEW” or “INCOMPLETE” would be moved to “FIRST DRAFTS” and so on).