Year of Series: Day Four

Ah, the smell of a crash-and-burn…!

This year’s attempt at a Halloween novel, Tapeworm, stalled out early and unfortunately never recovered. Too much day-job stress, too much real-life stress…and when you factor in the teeth-grinding stress of writing itself, no wonder I couldn’t pull it off this year.

Still, I’m about one-fourth done with a novel, and with any luck I’ll soon start clearing away some of the stress-wreckage and making room in my head again for writing.

(If all goes according to pattern, next year I’ll finish the Halloween novel, but not by the deadline, and the year after that I’ll finish on time. Can’t wait!)

So! It’s safe to say Year of Series isn’t going to happen either. I may find time (and peace of mind) to finish one book this year, but I’m not positive about that at the moment.

Maybe I’ll start fresh in 2018…we’ll see!


Total From October: 9940

Total Overall: 11907


Year of Series: Day Three

Back to it! Just as one set of life changes got settled back in late February, another started up, keeping me from writing for a few more weeks. But everything’s all right now (he said, totally jinxing himself).

Finished a chapter today, and am ready to get this thing finished. We’ll see how the rest of May goes…


Total Today: 702

Total Overall: 1967

Year of Series: The Light at the End of the Interregnum

1. Announce grand plans for writing in 2017.
2. Immediately go into what Dean Wesley Smith terms a ‘life roll’ that takes you out of circulation and keeps you from writing for almost two months.
3. ??????
4. Total absence of profit!

About to get back to writing, most likely this weekend, after life events conspired to keep me too busy and exhausted to do anything with the computer except occasionally play Gems of War.

Losing two months will, most likely, force me to scale back on my big plan of getting five books finished and published this year. Could be three, could be four. Lord willing and the crick don’t rise, I might still be able to pull off five, but I’m not counting on it.

So! Writing will start back on Sunday. See you then!

Year of Series: Day Two

Short session today on account of general tiredness. A little forward motion on the scene from yesterday, leading up to the surprise moment. Now to deal with that surprise!

Also, had to backtrack & tweak a bit as I was writing a character’s dialogue without contractions, a stylisitic choice that’s meant for a different character in the book.


Total Today: 247

Total Overall: 1265

Year of Series: Day One

Started on Fantasy Novel One, and managed to crack a scene I hadn’t been able to get my teeth into last year. A good start!

To finish up The Cycling Tour posts, I wrote a total of 46070 words in 2016, averaging 126 words a day. Time to do better this year…

Also, I’m getting rid of the reading-watching-etc tracking for the Year of Series blog posts. These posts will be focused on the writing alone, unless I read-watch-etc something that I feel needs a comment.


Total Today: 1018

Total Overall: 1018

Year of Series: Day Zero

Looking back, I was too ambitious in 2016. I set too many goals and only wound up completing one (my live-blogged Halloween novel Lanterns). I overwhelmed myself, plain and simple. In planning to do way too many things, I found it easier to do nothing.

This year, I’m getting a better focus, but still setting goals that let me pick and choose what projects I want to do, in something I’m calling Year of Series.

In brief, I’m going to write the first books in five new series. Fantasy Novel One, when finished, will be one of them, as will Crawlspace, when I finish its rewrites.

What will the other three series be? Who knows? I’m leaving it open. The great thing about being a writer is you’re never low on ideas. I’ve got plenty of plans for series, so when the time comes later in the year, I could throw a dart and pick the next project. And I well might!

Beyond Year of Series, I plan to keep up with my annual Halloween-novel tradition, as well as finish and/or rewrite the first three books from that project.

In all, I hope to have a minimum of five books out in (at least) ebook form before the end of 2017.

I’ll be doing regular daily updates on this blog, as well. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!