The Cycling Tour: Day Two

What the–? I fell asleep on January 2nd, and have just now awakened to find it’s almost fifty days later! What could have caused me to fall into such a deep slumber that I…

…okay, you’re not buying it. Fair enough! The truth is, I drifted away from writing a lot sooner than I’d planned, and have, after weeks of inertia, gotten myself back in gear.

I thought about catching up like I did with Voidville, and making a ‘day’ entry for every thousand words I wrote, but decided against it. I’m just going to blog the days I actually get work done, even if they’re forty-some-odd days apart.

So, about nine days total writing this year, then!

Today, I re-wrote instead of wrote. My fantasy novel Crawlspace is locked up on an old, failing hard drive, so I’m having to re-type it manually from a printout I made a while back. Dull, work, but it’s what I feel up to at the moment, rather than creating anything new.

See you tomorrow or at the end of March, whichever comes latest…


Total Today: 0

Total Overall: 1007

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: Person of Interest Season Three

Reading: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King.


The Cycling Tour: Day Zero

Happy Day Before Happy New Year!

Time to kick off this year’s writing challenge. Below is my proposed ‘to-do’ list for 2016, which I’ll set up as a page on the blog’s menu as well. This is all pure idealism on my part; it’s unlikely I’ll accomplish any of the things listed below, even with 366 days’ lead time. But like Mr. Pither, I’m just too much of an idiot to know when to quit, no matter how many times I crash my bicycle…


* Write a science fiction novel
* Write a fantasy novel
* Write a horror novel
* Write this year’s live-blogged Halloween novel in October (separate from the horror novel above)
* Write my fiction-book-that’s-not-a-novel project (more about this later)
* Write a pitch for a comic book
* Write a screenplay (I’m not thinking it’ll be made into a movie; I’m not that delusional. Rather, to enter into contests.)

* Finish Fantasy Novel One (separate from the fantasy novel above)
* Finish Blackletter (still not sure if this is just going to be a novella)
* Finish Face After Face (separate from the horror novel above)
* Finish Let God Sort Them Out (separate from the science fiction novel above)

* Rewrite Voidville
* Rewrite Crawlspace

* Write at least one short story a month

* Updates to MM website and blog
* Updates to sites selling MM ebooks
* Put out paperback of Tired of Monsters
* Put out paperback of The Festival of Borametz
* Put out audiobook of Tired of Monsters
* Put out audiobook of The Festival of Borametz

* Updates to personal website
* Finish the long, long overdue read-thru and critique of my friend’s novel


The list will be amended with strikethroughs if/when any items are finished, and updated with new items accordingly (i.e. a finished project from “NEW” or “INCOMPLETE” would be moved to “FIRST DRAFTS” and so on).

As far as the mechanics of this year’s challenge go, I’m just going to try to write every day, make a brief post about my writing here every day, and also track my non-writing (reading, TV, games, etc.) on the blog. Nothing fancy beyond that. I will most likely post a day late, so that I don’t have to add doing the blog post to the end of the day after doing my actual writing.

See you again soon…kicking things off will either be a return to Fantasy Novel One, or a short story, or…?