Year of Series: Day Zero

Looking back, I was too ambitious in 2016. I set too many goals and only wound up completing one (my live-blogged Halloween novel Lanterns). I overwhelmed myself, plain and simple. In planning to do way too many things, I found it easier to do nothing.

This year, I’m getting a better focus, but still setting goals that let me pick and choose what projects I want to do, in something I’m calling Year of Series.

In brief, I’m going to write the first books in five new series. Fantasy Novel One, when finished, will be one of them, as will Crawlspace, when I finish its rewrites.

What will the other three series be? Who knows? I’m leaving it open. The great thing about being a writer is you’re never low on ideas. I’ve got plenty of plans for series, so when the time comes later in the year, I could throw a dart and pick the next project. And I well might!

Beyond Year of Series, I plan to keep up with my annual Halloween-novel tradition, as well as finish and/or rewrite the first three books from that project.

In all, I hope to have a minimum of five books out in (at least) ebook form before the end of 2017.

I’ll be doing regular daily updates on this blog, as well. Hope you’ll come along for the ride!