The Cycling Tour: Day Thirty-Eight

Finished Lanterns, my third annual Halloween novel, on time and above its targeted word count. Feeling that weird runner’s-high comedown that always accompanies finishing a project. Time to get to work on something else so I can stay occupied through the rest of the year. Most likely this will be Fantasy Novel One, which might actually get its first draft finished before 2016 is done.

Went ahead and removed Horror Novel One, Blackletter, and Let God Sort Them Out from the in-progress section to the right, as they don’t figure into my plans for 2017. They haven’t been abandoned, just put on the back burner. Well, not even the back burner, more like a hot plate on the other side of the kitchen… Right now, they’re unneeded clutter when I’m trying to focus on what to do next year, so away they go!


Total Today: 2962

Total Overall: 45739

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: The premiere of People of Earth. Time to get to work on the huge DVR backlog that built up in October despite my best efforts…

Reading: Continuing 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz.

Playing: Gems of War.