The Cycling Tour: Days Twenty-Four To Thirty

Fourth catch-up “The Cycling Tour” post!

Further behind schedule on my live-blogged Halloween-themed horror novel, Lanterns. My big concern at the moment is that I don’t have quite enough story left to hit the minimum 40K words to make it a novel. That would count as another failure, my third in a row for this Halloween challenge. We’ll see…

Also, making plans for 2017. My to-do list will not be as hugely ambitious as last year, but if I can get done what I’m planning to do, 2017 will still wind up a much more productive year than usual!


Total Since Last Post: 6876

Total Overall: 29228

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: The new Morgan Spurlock documentary, Rats; the premiere of Divorce; and the latest Ash vs Evil Dead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fresh Off the Boat, Impastor, Legends of Tomorrow, Superstore, and Those Who Can’t.

Reading: Finished Ex-Isle by Peter Clines; read Hero Squared Vol 2 by Keith Giffen, JM Dematteis, and Joe Abraham; and started Red by Ted Dekker.

Playing: Gems of War.