The Cycling Tour: Day Five

Two consecutive days? You’d almost think I was writing, or something…

Back on Face After Face, working to complete it as the first step of my quasi-plan from yesterday. I re-read the last few chapters to get a sense of where the characters were when last I left them (those many months ago). Knocked out over a thousand words then, which was quite pleasing!

The book’s starting to converge toward an ending (and about eight trillion denouements, considering how many POV characters I have). But it’s making the plotting tougher at this point. Before, I had a separate thread for each person as they encountered, and learned about, the weirdness going on in the story. Now, characters are meeting, and comparing notes, and making plans of action…and weaving all their threads together in each chapter is a bit chainsaw-juggle-y for me!


Total Today: 1126

Total Overall: 4185

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: The Burning Moon and Gugure! Kokkuri-san.

Reading: The Unknown: The Devil Made Flesh by Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer.