The Cycling Tour: Day Four

Back to Fantasy Novel One for another thousand word-ish chunk, but maybe not for long.

In three months, it’ll be time for my third annual live-blogged Halloween horror novel, and I’m trying to be mindful of how the first such novel, Face After Face, hasn’t even been finished, while the second, Voidville, is in need of a rewrite.

And of course, there’s the same old problem that’s been keeping me from writing with any frequency over the last few months: the desire to write versus the knowledge that I will never have any success as a writer.

I keep telling myself this, and it keep not sticking: I just need to write, and put my stuff out there. It’ll never sell, and never be read, and I’ll be throwing away ten-fifteen bucks on cover art each time that’ll never get recouped, but at least I’ll get the stories out of my head.

So I think between now and October I’ll finish Face After Face, do the rewrite on Voidville, do the rewrite on the finished Face After Face, then get them out for (hah!) sale.

Sounds like as good a plan as any to fail at utterly…!


Total Today: 1005

Total Overall: 3059

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: Akihabara @ Deep

Reading: The Shadows, Kith and Kin by Joe R Lansdale.