The Cycling Tour: Day Two

What the–? I fell asleep on January 2nd, and have just now awakened to find it’s almost fifty days later! What could have caused me to fall into such a deep slumber that I…

…okay, you’re not buying it. Fair enough! The truth is, I drifted away from writing a lot sooner than I’d planned, and have, after weeks of inertia, gotten myself back in gear.

I thought about catching up like I did with Voidville, and making a ‘day’ entry for every thousand words I wrote, but decided against it. I’m just going to blog the days I actually get work done, even if they’re forty-some-odd days apart.

So, about nine days total writing this year, then!

Today, I re-wrote instead of wrote. My fantasy novel Crawlspace is locked up on an old, failing hard drive, so I’m having to re-type it manually from a printout I made a while back. Dull, work, but it’s what I feel up to at the moment, rather than creating anything new.

See you tomorrow or at the end of March, whichever comes latest…


Total Today: 0

Total Overall: 1007

Things I Did When I Could’ve Been Writing Instead

Watching: Person of Interest Season Three

Reading: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King.