Furtherance: Days Ninety-Two To The End

End of the year, so it’s time to retire ‘Furtherance’ and start a new writing challenge for 2016. Getting my plans for the coming year organized into a nice little list, which I’ll post here as both a ‘to-do’ (at the start of the year) and, inevitably, a ‘look-how-little-I-got-done’ (at the end).

This year, as far as getting things done went, I finished the first draft of a novel (Voidville) and had a short story published (“New World Symphony”). Next year, who can say? If I stick to my pattern, this new challenge will crash and burn after roughly three months, followed by no writing at all for a long, long stretch. I guess my success or failure will be gauged by how much I get done in that 12-ish week-long period.

More tomorrow…