Furtherance: Days Eighty-Eight to Ninety-One

Kind of adrift right now. I’d like to finish this novel-in-progress by the end of the year, but I haven’t gotten out of the non-writing rut I fell into over the holiday weekend. Also thinking about dropping Fantasy Novel One for the moment and writing some short stories instead. Also-also thinking about what to do in the new year, goals-wise…what projects to plan, what it’ll take to finally get some stuff out in paperback (right now, that’s Tired of Monsters and The Festival of Borametz). I (also * 3) need to do rewrites on a couple of first-draft novels. I (also * 4) have to finish a couple of novels to complete two more first drafts. I (also * (6.023 * 10^23)) need to think about launching a new series of non-novel books, and all the utterly godawful hassle that’d be involved in doing that.

At least I missed the deadline for that comic-script competition I was consdering. That’s one less iron I’ll have to have glowing, red-hot, in the fire, daring me to touch it and get permanently burned.

So yes, adrift. I’m hearing the siren song of ‘quit writing’ pretty strongly right now, which is a bit early for me. I normallly give up on these writing/blogging challenges somewhere in the one-hundred range of days, and go blissfully dormant for a few months before trying to write again. I said ‘hassle’ earlier, and that’s what it all seems like now — an immense hassle.

I just have to keep in perspective that now, more than ever (even more than the CIA needs Black Dynamite), writing is all I’ve got. And I mean that truly, deeply, and sincerely. It’s the only thing I’ve got. And it’s looking more likely that, from now ’til the end, it’ll continue to be the only thing I have.

Ah, well. Such is life for a writer. Every once in a while, whatever fire-in-the-mind that drives us makes us either have to (A) publicly piss and moan, or (B) project by attacking some other writer who’s pissing and moaning while pretending we’re oh-so-cool, sophisticated, and above such behavior.

For me, when the urge happens, I’ll always choose option (A). Why not be honest instead of evil?


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The Anti-Writing Equation

Watching: The latest episodes of Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Fresh Off the Boat, Doctor Who, South Park, and the season finale of Tosh.0.

Reading: Finished H2O by Virginia Bergin, read Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu by Junji Ito plus Neonomicon by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, and started Smith’s Monthly Vol 9 by Dean Wesley Smith.