Furtherance: Day Sixty-Eight

Back on track with the fantasy novel. Despite my thoughts that this was just a single-character book, I’ve realized I have at least seven very important secondary characters involved, as well. I’m trying to introduce them organically, without overloading the reader, by having them (A) contribute something to the plot when they appear that (B) also hinges upon a demonstration of their personality.

Which all sounds very clinical and sausage-make-y, but hopefully it won’t appear that way in the finished product! The good thing about writing a lighter book like this one is that the plot is primarily based on character interaction, so the above introduction process feels more natural to me. If I were doing something like hard sci-fi, introducing a large cast might be more of a problem. In a book like that, typically the ideas drive the plot moreso than the characters, as opposed to what I’m currently writing.

But that’s a problem I won’t have to deal with until next year when I write that space opera I’ve been planning…!


Total Today: 1018

Total Overall: 60229

Total Average: 886

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched an episode of My Hero.

Reading: One-half done with The Naked God by Peter F Hamilton.

Games: Same idle games as usual.