Furtherance: Days Forty-Nine to Sixty

Fourth and final catch-up “Furtherance” post — back to daily posts tomorrow!

Finished Voidville a day late. While it was nice to complete the first draft, I utterly failed at the attempt to write it over the course of October. Ah, well.

So what’s next? I have three new things on my plate: a submission to a comic-script contest; the novel that came to me in a dream; and an attempt to write something in a completely new genre (to me). The comic entry and dream-novel will take priority in November while I plan out the third project.

On weekends, I’m going to try to stick to editing and business maintenance. Voidville will rest for a while, and I’ll (finally!) start on rewrites for Crawlspace.

I’ll most likely go back to my former pattern of writing these progress posts a day late, so I can get writing done without having to worry about blogging at the same time. I did it the other way during Voidville, and I think that contributed to a lot of the delay.

See you tomorrow!


Total Since Last Post: 31083

Total Overall: 55649

Total Average: 843

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched the premiere of Supergirl and got caught up on The Flash, The Player, Z Nation, and Fresh Off the Boat.

Reading: One-half done with The Naked God by Peter F Hamilton. On some far and distant day, I may actually finish this book! I’m enjoying it, but the reading time just didn’t come to me during the Voidville marathon…

Games: Same idle games as usual, with the addition of Crusaders of the Lost Idols. Uninstalled Tap Tap Infinity.