Furtherance: Days Thirty-Three to Forty

Second catch-up “Furtherance” post!

Today will be the twelfth day of writing on my new live-blogged Halloween novel Voidville, and things continue to go well, although I feel like I’m falling behind in what my actual word count should be at this point. It may not be a legit concern, however, as I think this novel is not going to be as long, or as complex plot-wise, as Face After Face was/is.

Didn’t have a problem with working around the concert I went to, either — I was surprised, in fact, with how smoothly it all went.


Total Since Last Post: 7391

Total Overall: 20375

Total Average: 509

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched the premiere of The Flash, caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Doctor Who, and watched the latest Fresh Off the Boat and The Player.

Reading: One-fourth done with The Naked God by Peter F Hamilton.

Games: Same idle games as usual, plus a little Eye of the Beholder.