Voidville: Day Zero

Hello and welcome to my second year of a recurring writing challenge! Last year, as part of the Countdown to Halloween blogging group, I attempted to write an entire Halloween-themed horror novel over the course of October. I tried to write every day and post that day’s prose to this blog, with the ultimate goal of a complete first draft before the month ended.

And did I succeed? Well…er, um, *cough*

That first-year novel, Face After Face, is still unfinished, stalled out at around 77K words. (You can see its health bar to the right of the screen). But will my failure stop me from trying again?

By any reasonable standard, it should — but it won’t!

So welcome to this year’s Halloween novel: Voidville. I’m not going to reveal much about it (although in earlier blog posts, I did type the phrase ‘supernatural coming-of-age’), but I hope you’ll give the first few chapters a whirl and see what you think.

And as an added incentive this year (and attempt to tie in even further to Halloween), every day I’ll post a new picture of my ever-delightful black cat, Valentine.

(C’mon…cat pictures! Everyone loves cat pictures!)

…And that’s all I’ve got by way of introduction. I’ll shoot for producing at least 1,000 words a day Monday to Friday, with more on weekends, and do my best to create a finished first draft of Voidville on or before October 31st.

Hope you’ll come along for the ride!