Furtherance: Day Twenty-Four


No writing today, either. Just flat-out stymied. I looked at my little tracking spreadsheet to see what deadlines I had for October, and none of the things lined up appealed at all. I may change my tune as the month progresses, but today I couldn’t get the engine going.

In the past, I’ve sat down and made myself write, and the words have always come when I did that. Today, though, it just didn’t feel right.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on Face After Face, and write it for the next three days until it’s time for October and the live-blogging project to start. I feel, though, like I’m setting myself up with a “schedule” that will enable me to start lots and lots of projects without ever actually having to finish any of them.

Something to dwell on, there…


Today’s Total: 0

Total Overall: 8012

Total Average: 334

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched the premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the latest The Strain, the finale of Vicious season two, and three episodes of Star Trek: Voyager season three.

Games: Same idle games as usual.