Furtherance: Day Twenty

It's Valentine!

As promised, a picture of Valentine!

Another day of zero writing, unfortunately. One of those days where I came home and fell asleep almost immediately…

On reflection, I think I’ll do what I mentioned yesterday. Starting tomorrow, weeknights are for novels, and weekends are for short stories and editing finished work. My thought is that this will let me get things structured into a regular schedule, improving my productivity. A dirty little secret is that so far, almost none of my ‘day’ writing has been done during the day. Instead, I did a quick short-story session at night, followed by a quick novel session, thus explaining my paltry word counts the last almost-three weeks.

Of course, all this may go out the window in a week or so, when I start live-blogging the new novel…


Today’s Day: 0
Today’s Night: 0
Today’s Total: 0

Days Overall: 3190
Nights Overall: 3573
Total Overall: 6763

Days Average: 160
Nights Average: 179
Total Average: 338