Furtherance: Day Nineteen

Had to get up early to go to work, so no writing in the morning.

Had to work when I got home, so no writing tonight.

Thinking about ditching the day-writing completely and just writing at nights, using full weekends for short stories and weekdays for novels, or vice versa. Not sure yet. Just massively tired and stressed at the moment.


Today’s Day: 0
Today’s Night: 0
Today’s Total: 0

Days Overall: 3190
Nights Overall: 3573
Total Overall: 6763

Days Average: 168
Nights Average: 188
Total Average: 356


2 thoughts on “Furtherance: Day Nineteen

  1. Thanks very much!

    I should give credit where it’s due — the accountability-via-blog thing is something I picked up from Dean Wesley Smith. He’s been doing it for a couple of years now.

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