Furtherance: Day Eleven

Day Session

So why is the novel I’m working on referred to by name on this blog (Face After Face), but the short story not (“Fantasy Story One“)?

Mostly it’s rooted in superstition (I couldn’t qualify as a real, live author if I didn’t have some rituals, after all).

But I don’t know if I qualify as a real, live ‘hybrid author.’ I self-publish some things, and sell others to third-party publishers. However, the only things I submit to outside parties are short stories. ‘Hybrid’ may mean you only play both sides of the publishing street with novels. Or maybe not. Honestly, it’s tiring trying to keep track of all the myriad catchphrases in the publishing world, especially when they’re re-defined almost constantly.

But either way, the fact remains that I both self- and nonself-publish. It was my tradition (i.e. superstition) when writing in the pre-Kindle years never to reveal the titles of my stories until they sold. And superstitions are hard to break. Hence, Fantasy Story One.

On the other side of the publishing street, though, I’m my own publicist. So it behooves me to mention, frequently and by name, my WIPs that are coming out through Mere Moments. Doing so is an exercise in futility, I grant you, but still.

So there’s the thrilling explanation, for all the bots that skim this blog. The Day Session short stories will remain anonymous until they’re either picked up by the one or two magazines/webzines/anthologies to which I plan to pitch them, or when they eventually get rejected and I publish them myself.

Everything else, I’m shouting its name loud and proud!

Tiny bit of work done today on the short story.

Night Session

…And an even tinier bit of work on the novel. Pretty tired. Not a hugely productive day, but words got written.


Today’s Day: 70
Today’s Night: 50
Today’s Total: 120

Days Overall: 2408
Nights Overall: 2106
Total Overall: 4514

Days Average: 217
Nights Average: 191
Total Average: 410

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched an episode of Defiance, catching up on my season three DVR backlog.

Reading: Started Black Light by Stephen Romano, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan.

Games: Same idle games as usual.