Furtherance: Day Ten

Day Session

Strange dream last night, and one that wound up opening a new path in my head, writing-wise.

In the dream, I got a message from a fan in Guam, telling me that they’d learned about my books because a trailer for them had run before a movie the fan had gone to see.

Now obviously, everything in the dream was 10,000% impossible, but the part of the dream that lodged in my head was what came next — what those movie-trailered books were. They weren’t any of the ideas I have rattling around in the attic, but something new; something I’d never thought of before.

They were urban fantasy, but not the standard leather-pants-and-butt-shot UF. This was a goulash of urban fantasy and other elements, and the idea of writing this book (these books?) has, in the waking world, got me kinda pumped. It’ll be a fun, frothy thing, and I think it’ll be an absolute blast to write.

Two things: this book is such a departure from my normal stuff, I think I may have to use a pseudonym. And I despise pseudonyms. More on why later.

And the other thing: I’m more thankful than ever to be an indie writer, because no tradpub house on Earth would touch a genre mash-up like this.

I think I’ll start on it in November, after my live-blogged Halloween book in October. More to come!

…Oh, and Fantasy Story One continues apace.

Night Session

Building up to a big confrontation in the novel, but shied away from diving into it. Still feel a little wobbly on Face After Face, and it doesn’t help that I feel like I rushed the last two sections.


Today’s Day: 425
Today’s Night: 281
Today’s Total: 706

Days Overall: 2338
Nights Overall: 2056
Total Overall: 4394

Days Average: 234
Nights Average: 206
Total Average: 439

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched the latest The Strain and an episode of Vicious season two.

Reading: Finished The Deep by Nick Cutter.

Games: Same idle games as usual.