Furtherance: Day Seven

Day Session

Not enough data points yet to tell if splitting my attention between two projects at once is diluting either or both. Stress has knocked me out two nights out of seven so far, but since I’m ultimately writing for myself, I don’t mind not keeping a steady pace.

The biggest problem so far is that neither thing I’m working on is occupying my thoughts outside of these writing sessions. There’s no sense of ‘man, I can’t wait to get home and work on this next part.’ Instead, it’s more like ‘oh yeah…that’s where I left off last time.’

On Fantasy Story One, laid a bit of groundwork in the main character’s relationship.

Night Session

And in Face After Face, caught up with more characters I haven’t visited in a while.


Today’s Day: 119
Today’s Night: 206
Today’s Total: 325

Days Overall: 1347
Nights Overall: 1259
Total Overall: 2606

Days Average: 192
Nights Average: 180
Total Average: 372

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched the finale of Key & Peele and the latest Review.

Reading: Got a little further into The Deep by Nick Cutter.

Games: Same idle games as usual.