Furtherance: Day Three

Day Session

Another great nap today, with my cat Valentine present as usual, snuggled up against me. I’ll try to get a good picture of her up here before too long. This, I am reliably informed, will octuple my blog traffic and e-book sales overnight!

Given that I have five short story deadlines this month, that falls out to roughly five days per story. I once again didn’t get much done day or night today, so tomorrow may be a crunch-time day to get most of Fantasy Story One written.

Night Session

Felt a little more like wheel-spinning on Face After Face today. I know what epiphany I need my imprisoned character to have, but getting him from Mental Point A to Mental Point Z is stumping me at the moment.

But y’know, every word written is a word I wouldn’t have typed otherwise if I hadn’t sat down at the computer.


Today’s Day: 309
Today’s Night: 265
Today’s Total: 574

Days Overall: 965
Nights Overall: 770
Total Overall: 1735

Days Average: 321
Nights Average: 257
Total Average: 578

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season three, and the new The Strain.

Reading: Got a little further into The Deep by Nick Cutter.

Games: Same idle games as yesterday.