Furtherance: Day Two

Day Session

After a stressful week, Saturdays are for napping, and that’s just what I did. Didn’t get much done morning or evening today.

Distracted by the title I currently have for the short story. In a lot of cases, the scratch title I put in place winds up being used for the finished story. But now, having had my micro-epiphany about the villians’ motivation, the title I’ve got doesn’t quite work. I need to poke around and find something more resonant with the plot that now drives the story.

Night Session

Thought I was spinning my wheels on this new section of Face After Face, but had another micro-e about how this could set something in motion for other characters, plot-wise. If only the guy who could set those things in motion wasn’t in jail! D’oh!


Today’s Day: 200
Today’s Night: 106
Today’s Total: 306

Days Overall: 656
Nights Overall: 505
Total Overall: 1161

Days Average: 328
Nights Average: 252
Total Average: 581

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched some Columbo.

Reading: Started The Deep by Nick Cutter.

Games: Same idle games as yesterday, with the addition of some Time Clickers and Hunie Pop.