Furtherance: Day One

Day Session

Started on my first deadline-story today: a fantasy piece. Got off to a great start, too, by oversleeping so that I only had a half-hour to do any writing before I had to get ready for work! I think I’m going to go by time limits this go-around. Rather than make myself crank out 1,000 words per session or whatever, I’m going to block out time, and whatever meanders its way down the sclerotic passages between brain and fingers during that time, well, that’ll be the word total for that session.

The story itself is something I’ve had in my head for a while, and have made a couple of half-hearted stabs at in the past. After getting my few-hundred first words out, I had a brainstorm while driving to work about the bad guys’ motivation. I’ve had the basic story structure in mind all this time, but the villains’ plan was driven by nothing other than the classic Just Plain Evil. Nothing wrong with Just Plain Evil, mind you. Plenty of people in the real world opt for it as their default setting every day. It’s ubiquitous, kind of like the Pralines & Cream of moral shadings. But I wanted to give this set of bad guys something more, and I think I have it. We’ll see!

Night Session

Went back to Face After Face, my long-dormant horror novel from last October. Made the mistake of not re-reading what I’ve done so far, so I’m sure this new section is rife with continuity errors. Ah well — I’ll fix it in post.


Today’s Day: 456
Today’s Night: 399
Today’s Total: 855

Days Overall: 456
Nights Overall: 399
Total Overall: 855

Days Average: 456
Nights Average: 399
Total Average: 428

The Anti-Writing Equation

TV: Watched Key & Peele and The Soup.

Reading: Finished Volume 8 of Smith’s Monthly by Dean Wesley Smith.

Games: Time-killing and procrastination courtesy of idle games — AdVenture Capitalist, Clicker Heroes, and Sakura Clicker.